Breeding Regulations for United States Boxer Association Registered Kennels


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All of the United States Boxer Association Registered Kennels have agreed to strictly adhere to the following breeding practices.


I.  Registration and Breed Standard

A.  Boxers shall be registered with an FCI recognized entity and shall conform to the FCI standard as written by the Boxer Klub in Munich (BK).

            1. No dog may be bred that does not conform to the FCI standard.

            2. No dog may be bred to another dog that is not registered or that does not conform to the FCI standard.

            3. All breeding stock must be free of the disqualifying faults listed in the FCI Boxer Standard:  undescended testicles; aggressive or overly shy; naturally stumpy tail; any dog clearly showing physical or behavioral abnormalities.


II.  Minimum/Maximum Breeding Age*

A.  Females shall be at least 18 months old and not older than 7 years old at the time of breeding.

B.  Male dogs must be 18 months old at the time of breeding and not older than 9 years old at the time of breeding.


III. Health Testing Requirements

A.  Breeding stock must be certified free of hip dysplasia and congenital heart disease and must have a USA-BOX recognized hip and heart rating.         

            1.  Hips:

                        a.) The minimum acceptable hip ratings are listed below.

                                    - BK or an FCI recognized grading organization:  HD-C (must be a final rating issued at or after 12 months of age) 

                                    - OFA:  Fair (must be an OFA Final rating issued at or after 24 months of age)

                        b.). Dogs with a BK or FCI hip rating of HD-C (or OFA equivalent*) may only be bred to dogs with a  hip rating of HD-A or HD-B (or OFA equivalent*).          

*See attachment 1 for BK, FCI and OFFA equivalent ratings comparison chart.

2.  The United States Boxer Association will strictly adhere to the current published BK classifications for cardiac grading*.

                        a.)  Beginning on 1/1/2013, all dogs that have not already been screened and cleared by auscultation will require a cardiac ultrasound (ie. echo-doppler) test performed by a Board Certified Veterinary Cardiologist. 

1.) Test result documentation must include the aortic and pulmonic flow rates clearly indicated on the test result form.

                        b.) The maximum allowable cardiac classification for breeding is a 2.

                        c.)  Dogs with a cardiac classification of 2 may only be bred to dogs with a rating of 0-1.

*See attachment 2 for BK Cardiac Flow Rate Classifications.


IV.  Temperament

A. After the minimum age and health testing requirement have been met, all breeders shall place primary importance on the temperament of the selected breeding stock.            

*The FCI standard states-

“The Boxer should be fearless self-confident, calm and equable. Temperament is of the utmost importance and requires careful attention. Devotion and loyalty towards his master and his entire household, his watchfulness and self-assured courage as a defender are famous. He is harmless with his family but distrustful of strangers. Happy and friendly in play, yet fearless in a serious situation. Easy to train on account of his willingness to obey, his pluck and courage, natural keenness and scent capability. Undemanding and clean, he is just as agreeable and appreciated in the family circle as he is as a guard, companion and working dog. His character is trustworthy, with no guile or cunning, even in old age.”

            1. Overly shy or aggressive dogs shall be rejected as breeding prospects.

            2. All members are strongly encouraged to use at least one dog in a breeding that has a ZTP/Korung (BK equivalent testing method) or FCI IPO working title.  Other working or temperament tests which demonstrate the correct and stable temperament of the Boxer are                 also encouraged.

            3. Dogs deemed unsuitable for breeding by any breeding suitability evaluation or temperament test shall not be bred.


V.  Reporting and Violations

A. Registered Kennels shall immediately report all breedings, including all accidental breedings, to the club’s Executive Board.

B.  Any breeding in violation of, or suspected to be in violation of, the aforementioned regulations shall be immediately reported to the club’s Executive Board.

C.  The United States Boxer Association will not advertise or endorse any dogs available for service or any litters produced that do not meet the minimum acceptable Registered Kennel Breeding Regulations.

D.  Any exceptions to the aforementioned regulations shall only be granted through the written consent of the club’s Executive Board.     

E.  Registered Kennel members that engage in any breeding practices outside of the current Registered Kennel Breeding Regulations will be subject to progressive disciplinary action, up to and including suspension or revocation of club membership and all affiliated privileges.