About the United States Boxer Association

The United States Boxer Association was formed for the following, specific purposes:

  1. To preserve, promote and exhibit the working character of the Boxer in the United States.
  2. To preserve the Boxer as a working dog in accordance with the FCI breed standard.
  3. To promote and encourage the training and use of the Boxer for work that is consistent with the breed, including tracking, obedience and protection work, and in other ways for which working dogs are utilized.
  4. To conduct a Working Boxer Championship of the Year schutzhund trial.
  5. To conduct European-style breed shows which evaluate the conformation of the Boxer as a working breed.
  6. To conduct other activities for which the Boxer is suitable, including, but not limited to: ZTP breed suitability tests, AD endurance tests, agility trials, and training or breeding seminars.
  7. To develop a Breed Registry for the Working Boxer in the United States.
  8. To promote humane treatment and training methods; to support responsible dog ownership and breeding practices, and encourage sportsmanship among owners, breeders and fanciers of the Boxer.
  9. To publish a magazine to advance the objectives of the USA-BOX.
  10. To maintain an open dialogue with all clubs sharing similar objectives, national and international, while insuring the autonomy of the USA-BOX.

All members agree to:

  1. Abide by the Constitution and By-laws of the United States Boxer Association.
  2. Accept the FCI standard as the standard for the Boxer breed.
  3. Maintain their Boxers with the highest standards of health, care, and cleanliness.
  4. Keep accurate breeding records, registration papers, contracts and pedigrees.
  5. Breed only with the intention of improving the breed.
  6. Perform routine health testing of all breeding stock, to include hip and heart tests/certifications. The results of all tests conducted should be verifiable and made available upon the inquiry from another.
  7. Make all service and sales arrangements clear, complete and mutually agreed upon.  All service and sales arrangements should be stated in writing and signed by all parties involved.
  8. Not in any way make statements that are misrepresentative, fraudulent or misleading in the selling or advertising of puppies or dogs, including misrepresentation of any awarded titles.
  9. Only offer dogs at stud that are at least 18 months of age, in good health and free from communicable disease and disqualifying genetic faults according to the FCI standard for the Boxer.
  10. Only accept bitches for stud service that are at least 18 months of age, in good health, free from communicable disease and disqualifying genetic faults according to the FCI standard for the Boxer.
  11. Not breed a bitch prior to 18 months of age. Bitches should be in good health, free from communicable disease and disqualifying genetic faults.
  12. Not allow a stud dog to be bred to a bitch whose owner is involved with a puppy broker, puppy mill, litter lot sales, or any other commercial enterprises whose business is involved in similar activities.
  13. Not knowingly sell any Boxer to puppy brokers, pet shops, puppy mills, or agents thereof.
  14. Accurately and honestly evaluate the quality of all Boxers sold and to fairly represent that evaluation.
  15. Furnish buyers with a complete health record, a three (3) generation pedigree and registration or transfer documents, unless a written agreement is made at the time of sale to withhold papers for a specific reason that is stated in that agreement.
  16. Preclude from its membership, events and activities individuals or dogs that, by word or actions, imply support of inappropriate or illegal activity such as dog fighting.
  17. Members shall at all times conduct themselves in such a manner so as to reflect positively on the organization, the sport of purebred dogs and the Boxer breed. Members shall not engage in personal attacks against other members, unsportsmanlike and unethical conduct or other inappropriate behaviors.

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